Thursday, August 23, 2012

Half-year report

Update... I have not done much in the last 3 months. This list looks eerily similar to the one I posted in May. This summer was not much in the way of my goals, but I am hopeful that will change in the upcoming months.

30 before 30.

  1.  Run a 5K with decent finish time (60 minutes or less).  DONE April 28
  2.  Do a mud run. 
  3.  Give up Diet Pepsi.
  4.  Lose 10 pounds. DONE April 14
  5.  Try a yoga class.
  6.  Do water aerobics.
  7.  Learn something new (physical).
  1.  Get off all meds and feel good about it. **I am off all meds and feel mostly good about it... only time will tell. In the next 6 months I plan that I will feel good about it!**
  2.  Learn something new (intelligence).
  3.  Learn to grow something (flowers or veggies).
  4.  Finish Audrey’s baby book/scrapbook/calendar.
  1.  Bake a cake from scratch. DONE 04/25/2012
  2.  Make homemade peanut butter cups with cookie crust.
  1.  Go through closet and simplify wardrobe (use it or lose it). 
  2.  Clean out and organize office. **started working on this, will take a while**
  3.  Paint office and trim.
  4.  Paint front porch and garage door.
  5.  Decorate the dining room.
  6.  Solve the coats and shoes dilemma **mostly finished**
  7.  Get new sheets/pillows for bed.  **Still need pillows but sheets are done**
  8.  Frame some family pictures (gallery wall). **Have some but not all framed, need an IKEA trip! and some spray paint**
  9.  Go through knickknack box/get rid of/put out/store things.**partially started**
  10.  Make/hang curtains in living room/dining room.
  1.  Take a trip somewhere I haven’t been.
  2.  Visit Monmouth.
  3.  Check out city of Madison. DONE 06/15 and 06/16
  4.  Go to Duluth for a weekend. DONE O5/13 thru 05/15/2012
  5.  Spend a weekend camping out of town.
  1.  Finally change name on passport.
  2.  Watch the Lethal Weapon movies.

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