Thursday, May 24, 2012

Quarterly report

30 before 30.

  1.  Run a 5K with decent finish time (60 minutes or less).  DONE April 28
  2.  Do a mud run. 
  3.  Give up Diet Pepsi.
  4.  Lose 10 pounds. DONE April 14
  5.  Try a yoga class.
  6.  Do water aerobics.
  7.  Learn something new (physical).
  1.  Get off all meds and feel good about it. 
  2.  Learn something new (intelligence).
  3.  Learn to grow something (flowers or veggies).
  4.  Finish Audrey’s baby book/scrapbook/calendar.
  1.  Bake a cake from scratch. DONE 04/25/2012
  2.  Make homemade peanut butter cups with cookie crust.
  1.  Go through closet and simplify wardrobe (use it or lose it). 
  2.  Clean out and organize office. 
  3.  Paint office and trim.
  4.  Paint front porch and garage door.
  5.  Decorate the dining room.
  6.  Solve the coats and shoes dilemma **Still working on this, but mostly finished**
  7.  Get new sheets/pillows for bed.  **Need pillows but sheets are done**
  8.  Frame some family pictures (gallery wall).
  9.  Go through knickknack box/get rid of/put out/store things.
  10.  Make/hang curtains in living room/dining room.
  1.  Take a trip somewhere I haven’t been.
  2.  Visit Monmouth.
  3.  Check out city of Madison.
  4.  Go to Duluth for a weekend. DONE O5/13 thru 05/15/2012
  5.  Spend a weekend camping out of town.
  1.  Finally change name on passport.
  2.  Watch the Lethal Weapon movies.

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