Thursday, May 16, 2013

through the years...

2006 Jamaican Vacation

2007 engagement picture

2008 Wedding
2008 Honeymoon in the Bahamas 

2009 in Arizona

2010 at the MN State Fair

2011 prekids.

2011 Monster's born

2012 Family picture May

2012 Family picture October

2013 Mother's Day

happy 5th anniversary husband!! It's been a long wonderful trip thus far. :) Here's to 50 more

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


That is the number of calories my 19-month-old kiddo is supposed to eat a day. Granted this is to "catch up" her weight gain, but seriously? I eat about that many calories in a day and I"m a grown human adult! It's kind of ridiculous.

Anyhoo. We saw the dietician yesterday, which is where I got this ridiculous number BTW, and she was completely unhelpful. She told me absolutely no new information on how to get monster to gain weight, other than she needed this certain number of calories and this much protein. Those of you out there with kids know that you can't make a kid eat if they don't want to, especially if you're trying to get them to eat more than they're used to. How am I supposed to get this many calories into a kiddo?? Especially since I'm not going to force feed her or "teach her that food is for comfort." excuse me, what? The only real information I got out of  the dietician was whole milk, regular butter, full fat cheese and yogurt, fatty hamburger/meat, and expose her to a variety of seasonings and foods. Yeah, um, I already knew all these things... so what a waste of time.

PS. Now I'm going to have to try to cook 2 meals, 1 normal meal/healthy meal for me and JT, and then another meal full of fat and calories for monster, when half the time I don't even want to make just the one meal. AUGH! Not to mention the cost of my groceries just skyrocketed by having to buy 2 kinds of milk/cheese/butter, etc.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

chinese gender predictor

What do you think of that Chinese gender predictor? I think it's pretty fun actually. I'd probably be down with all the old wives' tales too. carrying high or low, craving sweet or salty, etc... it's all so much fun to me.

Since we didn't find out what monster was before she was born, I had to give myself a couple of hints, right? Of course I did! :-) Well, for monster, this Chinese predictor was correct. It said we were having a girl based on both the conception date and her due date. 

But, when I checked it out today, this baby is confused. The Chinese gender predictor says girl based on the due date and boy based on the conception date. hmmmm?

Can I just say, I so badly want to have a baby boy because of this raging case of mom-guilt that I've built up for even having another baby. How can I give monster the attention and therapy-time that she needs if there is another baby in the house? gah! I'm having an anxiety attack just thinking about it. Plus, if it's a girl I'll feel like monster will be jealous... especially if the new girl is not developmentally delayed. oy. but if it's a girl, we'll get to reuse all the super cute baby clothes we already have. :-) silver lining people. silver lining. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

today's the day

I stare at the unopened box, willing myself to grab it. But I just can't. The longer I wait, the more I want to wait. What is wrong with me? I know it won't go away if I just ignore it, so why am I torturing myself like this?

Finally,  in the words of Nike, I just do it. I put it on the counter and jump into the shower so I don't have to sit and wait and freak out. Instead I freak out while simultaneously taking a hot shower... relaxing, no? Trying to take deep breaths...

I get out, dry off, and head upstairs without looking... sometimes I have willpower, go figure. After I get dressed, I come back down to see this...