Thursday, May 9, 2013

chinese gender predictor

What do you think of that Chinese gender predictor? I think it's pretty fun actually. I'd probably be down with all the old wives' tales too. carrying high or low, craving sweet or salty, etc... it's all so much fun to me.

Since we didn't find out what monster was before she was born, I had to give myself a couple of hints, right? Of course I did! :-) Well, for monster, this Chinese predictor was correct. It said we were having a girl based on both the conception date and her due date. 

But, when I checked it out today, this baby is confused. The Chinese gender predictor says girl based on the due date and boy based on the conception date. hmmmm?

Can I just say, I so badly want to have a baby boy because of this raging case of mom-guilt that I've built up for even having another baby. How can I give monster the attention and therapy-time that she needs if there is another baby in the house? gah! I'm having an anxiety attack just thinking about it. Plus, if it's a girl I'll feel like monster will be jealous... especially if the new girl is not developmentally delayed. oy. but if it's a girl, we'll get to reuse all the super cute baby clothes we already have. :-) silver lining people. silver lining. 

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