Sunday, February 1, 2015

some good things...

Just so you don't think everything is bad around our world, here's some good things that have happened lately.

I'm going to sign up as an It Works distributor this week.  Very excited to begin this new adventure.  :)   The products are amazing and actually do what they say they will. 

We started pool therapy with Monster this past week and i think it's going to go really well!  I think we'll see really great results for her... the only downside, I have to get in the pool with her and the therapist. Ugh.  Oh well, at least the monster loves the water!!

We are in the process of widening the door/entryway into our kitchen and having our kitchen island redone in order to more easily accommodate Monster and her wheelchair/gait trainer or walker in the future.  But, renovation is fun!!  Construction kind of stinks but I'm excited to see the results!

Mr. Goo is about to walk. AHHH!  but that's a good thing, I guess.  He's soo close but he just doesn't trust himself yet.