Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What I ate today...

One of the things that is key in WW (and many successful 'diets') is tracking your intake. There are certain daily health guidelines (so much water, fruits/veggies, dairy, etc) to follow to make it easier for you to be healthy instead of just low calorie/low fat.

So, here's what I ate today and tracked, in pictures.

BREAKFAST -- veggie and cheese omelet with bagel thin and coffee with splenda

Coffee with splenda
Overdone whole wheat bagel thin with spray butter
1 egg/1 egg white omelet with cheese, tomatoes, and spinach

LUNCH -- PBJ wrap, carrots and ranch, string cheese, water
Big glass of water
PBJ Flatout flat-bread wrap
Baby carrots with ranch dip
String cheese
(Didn't eat the yogurt or Reese's cup, was going to but i got full)

Snack time... Reese's peanut butter cup :)
Big glass of water.

SUPPER -- Avocado turkey wrap and brown rice salad with a root beer

Diet A&W
Turkey, avocado, spinach and feta wrap
Brown rice salad with tomatoes and cucumbers

I'm actually pretty surprised I didn't snack more today. I was home all day and usually I have tons of snack attacks... Good for me. :)

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