Sunday, May 20, 2012

Slim Down Sundays -- Volume 1

One of the bloggers that I stalk follow, Natalie, has recently started a Trim Down Thursdays challenge to motivate and document her weight loss success. I've decided to come out of hiding and link up with my journey, so here goes nothing!

I don't know if I've told you this but I made it my challenge for 2012 to be more healthy/lose the pregnancy weight and then some (if possible). I weighed in at 195 pounds (on a 5'1 frame, yikes). By myself I managed to drop a few pounds (to 192.5) but I didn't really stick with it.

Since making that promise in January, I would find myself eating out a lot/mucho desserts. So eventually I joined Weight Watchers. I had been doing WW but then got knocked up ;) and had to quit. I've been doing WW since March and am doing okay with it. Slightly unmotivated but working on it. Maybe summer will help? When I started I weighed in at 190.6.

Weigh In: Saturday, May 19, at meeting, 179.8, up a little since I took a week or so off for vacation. Happy to say I am back on health conscious bandwagon :)

My Weekly Motivation: My pants are mostly too big on me this week... pretty motivating :)

Exercise: What's that? Obviously still need to work on this :-/

Share the Wisdom of Others: Shop the perimeter of the grocery store to avoid processed junk, and try to bring home one unique to you item from every grocery shopping trip. Ripe mango can be frozen and eaten like candy! Try it.

First Degree Goal: Pre-pregnancy weight of 172 pounds.

Second Degree Goal: Find an activity that I enjoy in order to add in some exercise.

Ultimate Goal: 140 pounds/feel good in my skin/fit in single digit size clothing.


  1. do you like swimming? or yoga? maybe zumba [i need to try zumba]?

  2. not a good swimmer... don't like to get my head wet. Swimming lessons is the only class I ever failed. lol.

    I've been meaning to try zumba. They have zumba for the wii but we don't have a wii... I wish you lived here, then we could do zumba together :)

    i may try pilates, my work has a class this summer. If it's not full, i need to find a babysitter.

  3. i'd be all for trying zumba together. i don't like going to workout classes alone. they scare me. stupid, right? :/

    1. no way... its so much more fun with a friend :)

  4. Hooray, Caits!!! I'm so glad you joined!! (and so embarrased that the 1st week I ask people to join me, I have book fair at my kids school and I've basically been gone for 12+ hours a day!). You're off to a fantastic start, though! I love that you include your weekly motivation! That's a great idea! and, psst! I love stalkers! : )