Monday, December 9, 2013


We had a slightly christmassy weekend. Monster visited with Santa... and neither one of them looked at the camera! :)
We got to have dinner alone, whoo! pretending with mocktails! This virgin strawberry margarita was the most delicious thing I've had in months!
And lots of couch nesting was done with 2 kitties while it snowed outside. But, I still haven't gotten enough done on my baby to-do list...

we also put up our Christmas tree but I didn't take a picture, and fought the cats to keep away from it... anybody know how to do that? They just like to play with and eat the branches... and Monster too, but she's easier to contain. 

I got most of my shopping done. I just need a few little things for stocking stuffers, 1 big surprise for JT, and to make some puppy chow for our teachers... 

yay for crossing those things off the list at least. On to groceries and wrapping gifts after work today. 

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