Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Freezer meals---throwing ideas around

I am planning on making some freezer meals so that we'll have dinners already made for us this winter. Here are some of my ideas to have in the freezer. maybe i should think about lunch too?

Ground turkey (preseasoned with taco or Italian)
Shredded pork
Shredded chicken
Pasta bake/lasagna
Chicken and dumplings
Shepherds pie filling

Now... a list of things to have on hand to combine with stuff from the freezer to make easy dinners.

Spaghetti sauce
Mashed potatoes
Sour cream
Bread sticks/biscuits/garlic bread... or maybe these should be in the freezer?

Next step, find some recipes and/or gather some motivation to actually do this!! We have 5 pounds of ground turkey and 6 pounds of chicken breasts in the freezer right now, so I should probably get to work. I should buy a pork roast and throw that in the crock pot one of these days too... need some freezer bags/containers.

Now I'm just thinking out loud...
BBQ pork sandwiches
BBQ chicken wraps

anybody got any ideas/tips for me??

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