Thursday, December 12, 2013

36 weeks

I finally had to take my wedding ring off due to swelling fingers. It wasn't too bad most of the time, but there were times I knew it was too tight so this morning I took it off. My hand feels naked. I have a habit of playing with my ring and every time I go to play with it now, it feels strange not being there. Plus, I have a really sweet ring line left on my finger.

My coat is totally busted. The zipper is broken and a slight breeze can unhook the Velcro... so I'm cold. Thank god for friends who will mail me a maternity coat to wear! :-) 

Here's something interesting I found... Monster's eyes were dark blue when she was born. they were kind of a green-gray at 1 year old but now solidly hazel brown. I thought they'd be green... 

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  1. too bad your friends take a month to mail the coat they offered you month ago! i hope it shows up tomorrow!