Thursday, December 5, 2013


I simply must go, but baby its cold outside. The answer is no, but baby it's cold outside.

I found the radio station that only plays Christmas music from now until the holiday, so Yay!!! but, Man it sure is cold outside today. I don't like it. I'll take the snow but I don't really like cold or ice. My dad gave me one of his coats to wear, so that's kind of humorous. I'll have to take a picture. But, it's better than nothing and it will zip all the way around me. I should fit back in my regular coat by January, so it's only a few weeks of looking silly but I'll be warm.

Today marks the 35/35 milestone in baby baking. 35 days until my due date and 35 weeks total. However, I only have 28 days until my surgery is scheduled. Yikes. Like I say every time, so much to do in not enough time... At my ultrasound yesterday, it was estimated that baby is over 6 pounds... so it's entirely likely I'll have a 9-pound newborn. It's weird to me because monster is still so very petite...

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