Monday, December 2, 2013

it's Monday...

And December.

I saw so many people decorating their Christmas trees this weekend on my instagram feed. I had absolutely no desire to join in the festivities, however, if we don't do it soon I'm afraid we won't do it at all... which is fine with me because I totally just want to scrooge it up and skip Christmas this year. Whose bright idea was it being 9 months pregnant at holiday time?

walking dead midseason finale... oh my god. I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it but Crazytown. i can't wait for February. PS Why do they do a midseason finale anyway? Why split it up?

I got some super cute boots that I have been wanting forever and went to put them on this weekend... yeah not able to zip them up past my calves. BOOOO!! Hopefully in a few months they will fit or what a waste of cute shoes! Stupid legs.

I've been paying more attention to my hands at work lately and it's funny thinking about when I started to learn keyboarding in high school or even when i was typing in college compared to now. Now i can just drift off and my fingers actually spell out words correctly and quickly... it's amazing what repetition does to you!

We're taking monster to Gillette's tomorrow. She's going to be seen by the physical medicine doctors. Maybe she'll end up with braces on her legs so she can walk sooner/easier/better?? Her therapists seem to think that braces will help... I hope she doesn't have to have them too long but if we can avoid a wheelchair, then bring on the Forrest Gump!! (sorry if that offends anyone... I'm trying to keep it light so I don't freak out).

Oh yeah... so I'm going to be 35 weeks pregnant on Thursday. Hard to believe. I mean i can believe it because I am huge and uncomfortable and in lots of pain that I wouldn't normally be in, but in 4 weeks or less I'll have a newborn baby... AUGH!!! Time flies when you're pretending something isn't going to happen. I'd best get to work on that baby's room. I just don't know how to organize it. I have a bunch of newborn and 0-3 month clothes but I'm not sure where to put things because I don't know how huge this giant of mine is going to be! :-)

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