Tuesday, November 12, 2013

slightly materialistic but that's okay... i like stuff

I've been thinking about coats lately... since it's getting cold here and I don't want to ruin my winter coat by stretching it out, I've been freezing in only my fleece that I have already stretched out. I'm thinking I can get away with wearing just the fleece if I add more layers underneath it... and a scarf and hat. :-) Good thing I don't really do my hair.

Now, this is a slightly materialistic question, and completely girly, but how many coats does a person need?

JT has 3 -- A wool peacoat, a Columbia jacket, and a fall/spring jacket. oh, 4 he has a down vest too. Mostly he just wears a sweatshirt if he's going outside...

I have more than 3 but I want to start over with my outerwear wardrobe since nothing really fits that great anyway. Currently, I have  -- A Columbia type jacket, a dressier suede coat, a trench coat, a fleece jacket, a vest, an old cheer leading windbreaker, and a jean jacket. I think that's it...

What do I need? Living in MN makes it hard to have just one coat. I feel like I need a playing in the snow jacket and an everyday jacket, plus a dressy winter coat... but then there's 2 other seasons that also require outerwear... and a rain coat would probably be a good investment. But, do i get a dressy rain coat or a casual raincoat... ???

Help! :-)

What kinds of coats/jackets do you have and do you think they're enough? Liz?? Ms. Coat-Guru?


  1. oh lawd woman. who on earth survives with only 3 coats?

    winter coats - blue wool one from scotland (still rocking it, still loving it 8 years later!), brown wool, maroon wool, pink/white columbia (for when it's really cold), navy blue wool that i don't really wear cuz it's scratchy and slighty too big.

    mid-season coats - navy/jean one from target 10 years ago, black waterproof trench, jean jacket, green corduroy jacket (although i wear that one more like a professional outfit jacket but whatever), technically my columbia comes apart to be a fleece and a rain jacket, a lined black jacket from GAP, and a multitude of sweatshirts.

    no vest. i would like a vest. and a black wool coat for the winter. and maybe a white wool coat but those seem like a lot of work. a girl can never have too many coats.

  2. you have a clothing problem, liz. i have a columbia winter parka, a wool peacoat, a lightweight green jacket, and a vest. and a plastic raincoat if that counts.