Thursday, September 26, 2013

25 weeks or holy crap... that was fast(ish)

seeing that I've been so, what's the word... non-energetic about doing things thus far, all of a sudden it dawned on me that I have a lot to do for this baby before it shows up. only 15 or so weeks to go. and much of those will be taken up by birthdays, holidays, and snow (probably). oh man... oh man... minor freak out going on over here. :-)

i should make a list... making a list always seems to help me prioritize even if I don't do half the things on the list, at least I see if they are essential or not. Here's what my list looked like at the beginning of August.

1. Go through baby clothes/get some clothes from friends/buy some new (every kid deserves new and not just hand me downs).
2. organize baby gear from monster... swing, vibrating seat, bassinet, etc.
3. find baby a place to sleep
4. need a dresser/crib/changing table
5. get some winter time maternity clothes
6. go through the 2 huge garbage bags of clothes we got for monster this weekend. I swear... that kiddo never needs any clothes.  thanks cousin L!!

So far, 1 is slightly done. 2 is not touched at all. 3 is questionable. 4 items are bought and need to be put together. 5 will work. 6. done. Oops. not a good percentage on my part.

My updated To-Do List feels huge... but surprisingly doesn't look that big

in no particular order, we need to...
Clean monster's room (set up dresser,put away clothes and toys, find place to store too-big clothes, vacuum)
Rearrange office (move all office stuff to one side)
Clear out junk and clean/organize closets (remove everything not necessary)
Set up crib etc
Wash and put away baby clothes (make list of what's needed/check out once upon a child and ask brother?)
Order mattress, sheets, changing pad/cover
Ceiling fan/space heater
Buy diapers, wipes, Desitin, Vaseline
Organize diaper bag
Put together/pull out baby stuff (swing, etc)
Freezer meals
Clean house top to bottom
Find and sterilize breast pump parts
Pack hospital bag (make a list... can't remember what I brought last time)
Ask mom about daycare/watching monster for birth
Pack Monster's bag
Get big sister shirt and present
Buy toiletries for after (pads, gauze etc)
Get a pedicure
Christmas stuff (presents, etc)
Schedule C section
Figure out help for after
Find/start baby book

I think we still have some things on our house to-do list left as well this fall. It's going to be a busy one! Wish me luck.

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