Saturday, August 3, 2013


I'm in denial. I must be. I haven't done a single thing besides getting out my maternity clothes and that was only because my pants were too small. Other than that, I haven't looked for/gone through/thought about anything regarding this kiddo. most of the time, i forget about it actually. Not pregnant... just chubby and can't take any good drugs since I hurt my back. oh wait, i did get a bassinet and baby papasan chair from my brother this weekend, so that's something...

anyhoo... it's probably time i get around to figuring things out for this baby... he/she needs a crib and diapers and clothes and all of the other infant paraphernalia that is "required" of a newborn.

man, i feel like i still have a newborn... I know that monster is a lot more advanced than a newborn but since I still have to do everything for her, it's a lot like having an infant for almost the past 2 years now... whoo.

where to begin?

1. Go through baby clothes/get some clothes from friends/buy some new (every kid deserves new and not just hand me downs).
2. organize baby gear from monster... swing, vibrating seat, bassinet, etc.
3. find baby a place to sleep
4. need a dresser/crib/changing table

this shouldn't be too much to start with, right? One step at a time...

oh yes... still need to
5. get some winter time maternity clothes
6. go through the 2 huge garbage bags of clothes we got for monster this weekend. I swear... that kiddo never needs any clothes.  thanks cousin L!!

knowing myself i won't be doing much of this until September or later... procrastinator extraordinaire!! :-)

Note to self: Buy some tubs to store the clothing that is 24 months and up... monster is in the 18 month size right now...

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