Wednesday, August 7, 2013

2nd baby must have/wants list

For monster, we got pretty much all the big stuff handed down from my brother and SIL. Pretty awesome actually. So, we are very well set in that arena. However, there are a few things that I have gifted out when others in my life were expecting and thinking about it, I may need back. Here's my list so far...

Crib -- Monster is far from ready to be transitioned out of her crib, so baby #2 will get their own, brand-new to them bed and mattress. How exciting...

Boppy and cover -- I had one from SIL but passed it on once other SIL was expecting. We didn't use it much since monster never really nursed. Though, JT did like it for a neck pillow. :-)

New tubing for pump -- I got a very nice Medela pump in style for monster and only used it for 2 weeks. So I have all the appropriate parts but it's been sitting for over a year and probably should get new tubing just to be safe.

Gender appropriate bedding/Clothes -- If it's a boy I'll have to get shopping. if it's a girl, I'll have to get borrowing back my lent out supplies. :-)

Bassinet -- We had a nice portable bassinet from SIL that was used in our room for a few weeks and we gave it to my other SIL. Either we'll have to get a new one or get that one back. Very helpful with having a second kiddo and only having 1 bedroom.

Double stroller -- I imagine this will come in handy being out with 2 kids, especially since monster is behind on her moving skills. Hopefully she'll be able to walk before kiddo #2 but no one can know for sure. 

New diaper bag -- Just for fun! I want one that's bigger and more like a classic purse than the diaper bag i have now.

White onesies long and short sleeved, in all sizes. Cute and great for layering for a wintertime babe.

Plain old cloth diapers to use for burp rags. Much nicer, in my opinion, than the tiny things claimed as burp rags... those are soooo too small. Or maybe monster just spit up a lot? Either way...

Monitor -- We have a monitor for the monster and I like to be able to hear her for naps/bedtime... I'm not sure if i can add an additional receiver to that one or if I want to get a video monitor... may be some research done in the near future.

what have I left out? leave me your suggestions!!


  1. they're spendy, buy petunia pickle bottom diaper bags are adorable! i want one! maybe it could be a joint baby gift to you from bunches of people.

    you might be able to get away with boiling the pump tubing in water. "To sterilize the pump tubing, detach the plastic ends, wash everything with warm water and boil for 10 minutes. Place the plastic ends back on when the tubing is warm. Then hang vertically to air dry, or attach to your pump and run until water evaporates." [from]

    crib - i found mine on craigslist for $50 with a mattress and a matching changing table. start stalking!

    i can probably give you my boppy to use. the only thing hannah uses it for right now is to help her sit. by the time your kiddo shows up, she should have that down pat. i have a fuzzy pink cover on it, so if monster 2.0 is a boy, you can get a new cover and that's only $10 or so.

    video monitors are awesome! i highly recommend one if you can get it.

    1. hmmm. that hellobee website shall prove useful. I must start doing some research in hopes that this baby will want to nurse... :)

      sweet. thanks! :) and yes, hannah will most likely be tearing around the house with no need for a boppy to help her sit up by january. probably almost walking too :)