Thursday, July 25, 2013

16 weeks

I dug out my maternity clothes yesterday... (yay/boo). Not that I'm showing anything, just a bit chubby. None of my pants actually fit me anymore, which sucks since I'll have to wear these same few pieces of clothing for the next 6 months. yugh.

Anyway. Back to what I found. Not as much as I remember/things I had forgotten about. I figure since the monster was born in the fall and baby2 is due in winter, I'll need a few things to round out my wardrobe. I'm thinking a pair of jeans, a long skirt (for work), a maxi dress (for work), and a couple of cardigan/sweater tops. I hope my winter coat will make it through, though I am going to look for a maternity coat on clearance and hope I succeed.

Anybody want to take me shopping/send me a gift card ?? I don't have the energy to do this right now... but going to work naked just isn't gonna cut it.

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