Wednesday, March 20, 2013

details, details

i was asked to describe my day today... i've never really done that before. in my day in the life posts i'm pretty general, we ate, played, slept, etc., but today K wanted to know details about what we do. i've decided its kind of like having an infant for 2 years. this is my normal but it's a lot more than other moms with kids her age have to do. here goes.

monster is 17 months old but at the development age of about an 8-9 month old (not really sure).

get up, either she's awake and just chilling out or crying/screaming, depends on the day. change diaper, lots of squirmy rolling, wish i had more hands. get dressed, same as diaper.

get ready to go, get in car, drive to daycare, drop off with granpat, i go to work.

or on days i'm home, have breakfast which consists of feeding her every bite and holding the bottle/cup (need to work more on the cup) for her while she squirms and practices chewing. she's just found her tongue and tries to push food around instead of eating it.

now comes playtime. while sitting, work on keeping legs bent and practicing using ab muscles. while lying, keep legs together so hips don't splay out. move toys across room to motivate and encourage her to move. try to encourage her to 4-point crawl instead of inchworm. try to get her to sit up from the side instead of using a W sit. put her in the stander (mama torture device) and entertain her while she practices standing. try to get her to weight bear while standing at couch/coffee table, no locked knees, stay upright, etc.

snack time. hold a bottle for her to drink and feed her bites of whatever we're having for a snack. messy.

more play time, see above. or run errands, at least she likes the car and is pretty good on the go.

lunch time, same as snack/breakfast. frustrating for mama.

nap time. rock her to sleep because i feel she sleeps better when i do that (and i like to snuggle). she'll fight, cry, and twist around but eventually fall asleep. naps last anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours on a good day.

playtime with daddy.

or on work days, get picked up from daycare and then playtime with daddy.

suppertime. frustration again. see above.

playtime/bath time. need more hands while in the tub. water + not steady sitter = slippery, dangerous baby. she likes to splash, though is kind of spazzy with her arms.

bedtime snack. usually just some milk. hold bottle for her and snuggle like a newborn.

bedtime. rock to sleep after reading books and saying goodnight.

sleep through the night?? maybe someday.

this girl is a lot of work. let me tell you. i feel very much like the worst mom in the world some days because i just don't have the time/energy to make sure she's getting all the help/therapy/manipulating that she needs to learn and grow while trying to keep up with work, housework, my husband, and my sanity.

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