Sunday, August 12, 2012

day in the life -- saturday august 11

5:21 -- Wake up to CRASH!! WTF? I don't really care and go back to sleep. Darn cats.

6:44 -- Am I hearing things? Nope, monster is awake and I have to pee. Then I wake up husband and go back to sleep.

7:09 -- Alarm goes off, I hit the snooze button and pull covers back over my head.

7:18 -- Actually get up and get dressed.
 7:35 -- Leave for meeting. What a gorgeous morning!
 8:45 -- Get home from meeting and eat breakfast. 
 9:15 -- Put monster down for nap, she fights it and makes mucho noise/cries/squawks for half an hour then sleeps. I use the time to blog surf, online shop, and find a recipe for flan (husband wants flan for his birthday, yuck, and being the good wife that I am, I promised to make him some even though I can't stand it). He plays some video games.
 10:30 -- Monster wakes up, so I get her, change her, and feed her a bottle.

love little baby socks!!
 11:15 -- We get ready to leave the house and hit up caribou, go shopping, and then go have lunch.

1:45 -- Come back home and monster has another nap. The girl won't quit, she's talking to herself for a while and then all is quiet. Husband and I relax on the couch. Then he goes for a motorcycle ride, the cats and monster nap, I play on the Internet and work on this post. 

3:34 -- Small cries come from the monitor, someone must be awake and lonesome! I go up to change her and then husband gets home from his ride. He gives monster a bottle and we settle in on the couch to watch some Californication.

To our beautiful daughter, our black president, and my magnificent dong. Cheers!
4:45 -- Husband starts the grill and goes off to the store to pick up some things we forgot for dinner. and he ever so nicely brings home snacks for tonight :) We eat dinner, I feed monster some dinner (which she hardly enjoys), and then we settle in for an evening that includes:


Good Night!

The end of my somewhat typical but not always Saturday. Hope you enjoyed your peek at my day in the life.


  1. Those socks are Adorable. And I LOVE David Duchovny. Ever heard the song by Bree Sharp I think called David Duchovny? It's awesome.

    1. yes. Ever since I started watching the show, that song has been running through my head. My husband looks at me like I'm nuts when I sing it out loud though... :)

  2. Haha you are SO awesome. No one EVER KNOWS what I am talking about when I mention that song!!! YESSSSSS!!!

    Bubble Guppies is a show on Nick JR. Camden was obsessed with Mickey Mouse, and then we introduced Bubble Guppies. Cute little songs, I think we both find it catchier. Plus, Mickey seems a little pompous sometimes? :) You'll have to check it out sometime, he started loving it around a year and a half and now his love for it has reached epic proportions.