Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Have you seen this show?

We recently got Showtime and although I had heard of the show, I didn't know anything about it. No, I take that back, I knew David Duchovny was the star. Other than that, crickets. One day my husband started to watch it on demand and I had no interest. He later showed me a part he thought was pretty funny and I thought it was raunchy. He kept watching and since I wasn't doing anything else, so did I. It wasn't a show that I would choose to watch but since it was on, I'd watch it. Then, I got hooked. The season 5 finale left with an outrageous cliffhanger and I seriously can't wait to see what happens next!

Anyway, back to the point... we found a really good deal a couple of weeks ago at Target for season 1, on sale for $14.99. Let me just say, this show is ridiculous. Parts of it are funny. Much of it is disgusting. But, I keep coming back for more. We ordered seasons 2 and 3 from Amazon and are working our way through them. It's like crack. Only healthier??

Part porno, lots of naked people, and some heartwarming relationships. Go figure. I need to order the next season, though I'm sure we'll finish this one before getting the next. Boo. It totally doesn't hurt that he's hot either... :)

ps happy birthday to my daddy.

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