Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Self-discussion and conversation

I think I have finally convinced myself that 2 children is going to be the max for our family. Somewhere in my heart of hearts, i still have a small burning desire for a 3rd kid, (which may surprise those who knew me before monster) and I sometimes wish that I could convince JT as well. Logistically and financially, and probably emotionally, I think that 2 is good enough. Whenever I picture the future with my family I don't really see 3 kids. 4 people seems like such a "perfect" number. 2 kids, 2 parents. equal. easy to divide portions. lol.

I'm pretty sure that I have also convinced JT to want to do it again sooner than later as well. We're going on vacation (hopefully) in March, so I think after that we can start trying. Weird to plan it out since our first was not planned, exactly. So do it now, get it over with, and then things will go up from here. yay. I'm not looking forward to being pregnant since the last time sucked SO much and I think I may be just a little bit baby feverish since Liz's baby shower... but i am also a tad bit excited. Especially if I get my way and have a baby in December. And, a little girl... or a baby boy... too hard to decide which I "want" more. A girl because then monster will have a sister (which i never had) and we already have all the girl stuff and sharing a room will be easy (plus girl stuff is fun!) or a boy because then JT will have someone to boy-around with, do all those kinds of things, i hear great things about being a boy-mom, and 1 of each = "perfect" again...

January 7...P.S. seems like since we decided this, JT has lost what little patience he had with monster. Either that or monster decided she doesn't want a sibling and is pushing the limits around here. Actually, it's probably both and not to mention, shes only 14 months old, so she's just acting her age. oh what the future may have in store for us!!!

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