Monday, December 31, 2012

Review challenges and highlights

Review of 2012 Challenges
1. Get in shape to run the Get in Gear 5K in April.
-- Did sort of do this one. I didn't get in shape but I mostly walked the Get in Gear 5K and came in with a time under 60 minutes (my goal) so I consider this one, Challenge completed.
2. Create and maintain this blog.
-- Did decent on this one. I have over 100 posts. Yay me! Challenge completed.
3. Keep little monster's baby book/calendar up to date.
-- Did okay with this one. Kind of fell off on the calendar because nothing was really happening, but picking it up again lately so will be documenting more. The baby book needs work because I haven't taken the time to scrapbook in a while. Consider this, Challenge Accepted.
4. Find a job I'll enjoy or find a way to enjoy my job.
-- Somewhat enjoying my work environment but not so much the actual work that I do... Consider this Challenge Accepted.

--Possibly work on #3 and 4 for the next few months...

Highlights of 2012
1. BFL is expecting, due in February!
2. Little Brother home twice.
3. Monster's abilities moving along nicely.
4. New nephew born in July.

Challenges for 2013
1. Quit caffeine totally. 
2. Learn more about/put into practice clean eating/whole foods/veganism.
3. Take me time every week and date nights/2 of us time every week.
4. Run (actually run at least part of) the Get in Gear 5K in April. 

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  1. quit caffeine?? say it ain't so! :(

    let me know know how the clean eating bit goes. i have a hard enough time avoiding partially hydrogenated oils and corn syrup. it often times does not work out...