Monday, January 14, 2013


A couple of years ago, specifically 2009, there was this show on ABC. FlashForward. Anybody remember this show? We had just moved back to Minnesota from Arizona and started watching it. It was about a global blackout and the effects it had. We got hooked for a while, then the show took a mid-season break and we never got back to watching the show. I think it was because we both started working the evening shift. Anyway, we recently got Netflix and lo and behold, FlashForward is on it! Woo to the hoo. We started watching it again and again, we got hooked. What an interesting concept... We have a couple episodes left of the show and I'm really curious to see how it ends.

Oh, it's also a book so I'm thinking that will be one of my next reads.

What do you watch? Any hook-worthy shows? And what about books?

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