Monday, January 21, 2013

mothering a girl...

I worry about having a girl. I worry about being a mother to a girl. How do I make sure she is happy, well-adjusted, healthy, and good?

I do lots of psychologist reports at work, lots of girls who are depressed, suicidal, cutters. It scares me. How do I help my daughter if she is feeling that way? What if I don't even notice? How do I facilitate a good relationship with her where she will talk to me about things, things that I never talked to my own mother about? Sex, drugs, alcohol, depression, boys, peers/friends??

I feel like I would be "cooler" than my own mother based on the time that I grew up. I don't feel that I would be hard to talk to or too "judge-y." But, I don't know.

How do I help her establish a good routine for self care and organization/cleaning up her own room/house, if I don't have one? And what about self esteem/weight issues/exercise/healthy eating? Those things for me are hard, so how do I pass on to her the right way to do things?

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  1. oh geez. i was just worried about birthing my girl. i forgot i have to raise her too. blah. we'll figure it out. heck, if our daughters turn out half as cool as us, i say job well done. :)