Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Stuff to do... updated

Deep clean monster's room (set up dresser,put away clothes and toys, find place to store too-big clothes, vacuum behind/under everything, rearrange chairs/wash slipcover)
Rearrange office (move all office stuff to one side)
Clear out junk and clean/organize closets (remove everything not necessary)
Set up crib, etc.
Wash and put away baby clothes (make list of what's needed/ask brother)
Order mattress, sheets, changing pad/cover
Buy/install ceiling fan/space heater
Buy diapers, wipes, Desitin, Vaseline, etc
Organize diaper bag
Put together/pull out baby stuff (swing, etc)
Freezer meals
Clean house top to bottom (or find someone to do it)
Find and sterilize breast pump parts
Pack hospital bag (make a list... can't remember what I brought last time)
Ask mom about daycare/watching monster for birth
Pack Monster's bag (make a list, figure out how many days/what times gone)
Figure out monster's schedule for therapy, etc.
Get big sister shirt and present
Buy toiletries for after (pads, gauze etc)
Get a pedicure
Christmas stuff (presents, etc)
Schedule C section
Figure out help for after
Find/start baby book/calendar
Load up kindle/music on phone

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