Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Monster turned 2 yesterday. She is getting so old! We had a little party with family on Saturday and she got lots of new presents. My parents gave her a wooden rocking chair, so cute. She also got a really interesting little chicken-ball stuffed animal that clucks and bocks. She laughs every time it starts vibrating around. It's pretty funny.

I have my 3-hour glucose tolerance test tomorrow, so I've been watching my simple carbs and sugars the last couple of days. Considering that is all i have been eating for the last 6 months, I am feeling pretty deprived and hungry. I miss my crackers!

Today totally feels like Halloween. When I left for work this morning it was dark and rainy/stormy, windy and there were leaves all around. Perfect amount of spookiness. Ghosties and ghoulies and monsters... hehehe. I can't wait.

My stomach hurts today... I think its a combinationof being hungry, actually not feeling well, and Braxton Hicks. whoo boy, pregnancy is fuuuuun.

Darn, I had one more thing to add to this random post but I can't remember it. Sorry. Gonna publish now. :-)


  1. Good luck on the 3 hour glucose test. It's the worst. :( Hope you pass it with flying colors!

    Hard to believe you're already 27 weeks along. Doesn't it seem like the second pregnancy just flies by?

    1. Thanks! Me too. Ugh. And yes... Super flying by. I don't remember the first one going this fast, but I could be forgetting