Tuesday, August 20, 2013

old wives tales

Just for fun... let's see where I compare... Is this baby a boy or a girl?

Craving salty/sour things or sweet things?
With Monster: Sweets
Baby 2: salty

Can people tell you are pregnant from the back?
Monster: Nope
Baby 2: Nope

Carrying High or Low?
Monster: High
Baby 2: low

Baby's heart rate over 140 bpm?
Monster: Yep
Baby 2: Yep

Right or left side while resting?
Both with both.

Has the husband put on weight?
Monster: Nope.
Baby 2: Yep.

Are the age and year of conception both odd/even or one odd, one even?
Monster: Both odd
Baby 2: Even/odd

Chinese Gender Chart?
Monster: Said Girl.
Baby 2: Said boy and girl.

Skin breaking out?
Monster: Yep.
Baby 2: Oh god yes.
Results?? Seems that there is no sure way to tell. I guess we'll have to wait until the ultrasound. And hope the Baby 2 is cooperating. 

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