Monday, July 1, 2013

downton abbey

Warning: Downton Abbey Season 3 Spoilers

We got Netflix in February. One night when JT was at class, I decided to watch Downton Abbey. Having heard good things about it but not thinking I would like it, since it was on PBS... and come on really, is there anything ever good on PBS? but I was surprised. I actually liked the show and flew through the 7 episodes of season 1. When I was finished, I cursed Netflix for only having 1 season. then I kind of forgot about it.

Fast forward to May. JT signs up for Amazon Prime trial. Downton Abbey season 2 on free streaming? Heck yeah. I renewed my interest in the show and watched all 9 episodes in like 3 days. Then found out that season 3 wasn't on prime yet. Sad. However, I had to have my fix and proceeded to buy the first few episodes on amazon instant, which was stupid. I should have just bought the whole season for a discount. With 2 episodes to go I found season 3 on free prime. Man I was disappointed that I hadn't waited a couple of days and saved that money. Oh well, now I own 7/9 episodes. Oops.

Can we just talk about season 3 for a minute? 

I cannot believe that they killed off both Sybil and Matthew! Oh my god. First of all, Sybil. Couldn't she just have moved away to Ireland and not come back? I hope there are some very good story lines with Tom coming up to make up for not just moving them away.
And then, Matthew? After all the drama and turmoil... He and Mary only get to be happy for 1 season? I really don't like it. And I'm not excited that season 4 will pick up after 6 months so we don't get to see any of the mourning. Hope they work it out well. I'm all for actors leaving shows and expanding their careers, which is the reason for both Sybil's and Matthew's deaths but not if it jeopardizes the show. I guess only time will tell...  And I still can't wait until season 4 comes out... maybe I'll even get to watch it in real-time.

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