Monday, June 17, 2013

why I didn't tell

I didn't tell everyone right away about this baby bundle I'm carrying... I waited, and waited, and waited... It feels like forever. The days seemed to slow down, not because I was excited to tell everyone but more so because I was not.

Not that I'm not excited about baby #2, because I am, but because it just seemed like such a hassle to tell people. I'm almost done being in denial, which I have been for the last few weeks...

I'm an overly private person, so I don't want co-workers all in my business, which as soon as I tell about the baby... they will be...asking questions, wanting to know things, things I don't necessarily feel like sharing with the whole world, especially people who aren't super close to me.

Also, it's the 2nd baby (poor kid already being treated differently) so why make a Big Deal, we've been here before...

Plus. Still totally feeling the guilt trip for doing this to monster... i know she won't remember life without a sibling but I feel so bad for taking it away from her. Especially her because she needs extra help and probably won't be getting the same amount of help from me once this kiddo comes along.

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