Thursday, June 13, 2013

what's in a name?

A recent question about where monster's name came from got me thinking... naming a kid is one of the hardest things to do, in my opinion. Not only are there 2 sometimes very different view points, but also there is the simple fact that your child will be "stuck" with their name for the rest of their lives (Or the next 18 or so years if they want to change it).

A lot comes from a name. When you look at someone's name you automatically think xyz about them. That person's name is Steven so he must be ... (fill in the blank) or that girl's name is Bella, her mom must have loved Twilight, and so on... Or my favorite, my nurse's name was Delores so we automatically pictured her as an older lady. Nope, she was 30 tops. Or my friend Dorothy, age 32.

I'm so worried because it took us so long to come up with monster's name... 37 weeks actually. We finally decided 3 weeks before she was born. I guess this time it will help because we're going to find out the sex of the baby and therefore cut down on half of the name-choosing that we'll have to do. But, we have such differing opinions on names. He's totally stuck on one name that I absolutely do not want to have as my kid's name. And, he only ever says maybe or no to anything that I suggest. GAH. Why can't I just use the names that I have been thinking about since I was a young girl? I'm the one doing all the work.

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