Saturday, April 20, 2013

but i'm lazy

Clean eating definitely intrigues me. It seems like a good idea to cut out the overly processed foods and only eat fresh, healthy, with ingredients that I can pronounce foods. However, some days I'm just too lazy or "short on time" (insert some other excuse here) to do it.

Let's take a look a day in my eats and see how I could have done differently.

What I Ate
What I could/should have eaten
Oatmeal with peanut butter and coffee
Oatmeal with egg whites or natural peanut butter and green tea
Apple Nutrigrain bar and Diet Pepsi
An apple with low-fat cheese or almonds and water
Salad with black beans/tomatoes, light ranch dressing
Salad with black beans/tomatoes and balsamic with olive oil dressing
Fresh pineapple
Pineapple with grilled turkey or chicken
Garlic cheese bread and bacon cheeseburger pizza
Green salad with seasoned ground turkey and avocado
Homemade fudge Lara Bar

Ok, part of that day is okay but obviously I need to do some work. I know the principles of clean eating, eat protein with complex carbs and small amounts of healthy fat, eat 5-6 times during the day, drink lots of water, no processed food, low fat dairy, etc, etc. Really it just involves being prepared and prepping food for the week. Since I already sort of do that, all I have to do now is do it better. ha ha!


  1. what's wrong with coffee? there are no additives and it's calorie free! unless you're adding sugar and cream/creamer. then i understand. and yes, i know tea has all those antioxidants, but there are benefits to coffee too. i'm not hating on the tea. i love tea. it's my favorite evening hot beverage. but i really loooooove my morning cup of coffee. nom.

    skippy's natural peanut butter is good. you can store it room temp, it tastes like regular peanut butter and doesn't have any partially hydrogenated oils (BOOOOO ON HYDROGENATED ANYTHING! kate's beef with with corn, my beef is with hydrogenating).

    1. I think it's mostly the caffeine that's the problem... Not that I have a problem with caffeine hahaha