Friday, February 1, 2013


Since January 1, I have been keeping track of how much money I spend on groceries. As of my last trip on January 31, the total was about $425.00.

Here's the breakdown:
Jan 2 - Cub $30.06 - Aldi $87.05
Jan 6 - Cub $27.02
Jan 9 - Aldi $51.49
Jan 16 - Cub $37.47
Jan 19 - Cub $24
Jan 26 - Trader Joe's $38.80
Jan 27 - Cub $54.94
Jan 30 - Aldi $41.90 - Cub $27.20 - Target $6.75

I've realized that
1) I wish Aldi had more of the things I want so I don't have to go to 2 different stores,
2) I would love it if Trader Joe's was closer to me than an hour away,
3) I really need to work on meal planning/eating in.
4) Also, I should keep track of how much we spend eating out -- TOO MUCH. We're trying to only go to local places if we eat out, but that makes it difficult for a quick bite and much more expensive but delicious!

here's an idea of what the meal plan was for this week
Sun - Chicken with spinach salad
Mon - Tikka Masala and naan from Trader Joe's
Tues - Enchiladas
Wed - Steak with 2-baked potatoes and salad
Thur - Homemade Hawaiian pizza
Fri - Out to eat with friends
Sat - Redeye breakfast (out), leftovers buffet lunch, No guilt fish and chips

Next up February -- Track money spent on eating out (will be hefty lots going on this month) and try to lower grocery cost even more. :-) I can do it!

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  1. You're so hardcore! You plan ahead for the whole week?? I definitely wish I could do that...but I just don't have time. I need like 26 hours in a day...