Monday, January 28, 2013

what am i getting myself into?

I don't know if i can handle it. 2 kids really? and a newborn with a 2 year old who is delayed? oy. really? I may have to figure out how to ask for help and to rely on others just a little bit more than i am now.

Most days right now I can handle it with monster. the only thing that really frustrates me so much that I lose it is feeding her. She can't feed herself and doesn't always want to eat the things I give her. I don't like being one of those moms who feeds her only junk because i know she'll eat it, i want to feed her healthy things too. moderation is key right? but if she won't eat it and doesn't understand that if she doesn't eat this then she doesn't eat anything and that just makes it doubly worse for me when she won't sleep and is crying and hungry but doesn't know it. augh. I'm giving myself a panic attack just writing this.

so, can i handle this a year from now with a newborn???

was this whole having another kid now instead of waiting a good idea? Or should i wait another year?

but then there's this whole problem of baby fever. my best friend is due soon and she's so damn cute. Plus at least 4 of my blog-friends (can i call them friends if they don't know i exist?) are having babies between now and this summer. That's a whole lot of baby talk. :-) Not to mention all those people who ask, are you done having kids? Gonna get started on #2 soon? etc... AUGH!!!

it's okay. it's okay. Take a deep breath. breathe. ahhhh. whoosa (bad boys II anybody?)

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  1. we're going to start hannah on solids soon so i was reading up on feeding babies. some experts say it takes trying a food up to 10-12 times before a kid starts to like it, but most parents give up after 2-3 attempts. so just keep making her try it i guess? hope the feeding is going better these days. hubby is already talking about the next kid. i told we need to wait until baby #1 is at least a year...