Tuesday, September 4, 2012

You know it's labor day in MN...

when your MN bloggers are all about the state fair rundowns. :-) Seriously, I read the blogs of 4 gals from MN and 3 of them had a state fair post in the last few days. Funny to me.

We don't make it a point to go to the state fair every year, after all how many times can you see the crowds and the miracles of birth (yugh)? but, we did go this year and it was so exciting that Monster fell asleep minutes after arriving in the parking lot. We ate lots of great food, walked around, and got manhandled in the crowds. We went looking for the FSN girls, only to see Crunch (TWolves mascot) instead. It was a pretty fun day spent with monster's godparents and capped off with a late dinner at Granite City.

oh the state fair crowds!

Highlight of the day, I got to try out a BOB Revolution stroller (because my smart little self didn't think to check if the umbrella stroller I borrowed actually had an umbrella on it, it didn't) that we borrowed from a neighbor at the last minute. I LOVED this stroller. Smooth ride, shocks, and comfy to handle, even in the crowds. When we got home, I started looking around to buy one and damn, $300 on sale. Too rich for my blood. I even looked at the BOB Dualie, thinking maybe someday we would need one... Like $600. so sad.

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  1. that's the stroller i'm getting!! i got everything else used and cheap, so i can afford a damn bob stroller! that being said, check out craigslist in msp. all those rich families have to get rid of their's at some point. i've found a bunch in the chitown area. if i can find a good deal around xmas, i might get one then. or i'll buy mine new and pick up the used one for you ;)