Monday, September 10, 2012

Our house...

is a very, very, very fine house...with 2 cats in the yard...

Missed the deadline for Navigating the Mothership's tour of homes but still wanted to show my house. I'm a bit too lazy to take pictures of what we have done at this point, but I promise I will.

Here's our house on our final walk through the night before we bought it, over 2 years ago.

View from the street (low angle)

We bought this house for 3 main reasons, the neighborhood, the backyard, and the garage. It is in a quiet neighborhood with good schools, even though this didn't weigh into our decision at the time, and lots of kids and families. The yard is huge, the biggest lot on the block, lots of room to play and grass to mow for the husband.

view of the back yard

This used to be an alley, now it's grass

Here's the garage and yes that's a screen door.

I liked that the house had a front porch. For some reason I always wanted a front porch. We even acted like we were on House Hunters and said we could sit out and drink our coffee on the porch in the mornings. Ha. Probably have spent a total of 2 hours total on the porch in the last 2 years. Anyway, Lets go inside shall we?

Welcome, welcome. Living room to right of front door

fireplace area to left of front door

Stairs going up to the right of the dining room
Dining room straight ahead from door

Sliding doors to backyard, in kitchen
View of kitchen, with blue carpet, from dining room

Bathroom, same blue carpet included!

So there's the main floor. Going upstairs we have 3 bedrooms and a hallway.


"guest room"

The master bedroom is humongous! Even though it feels rather small now with all our crap in it. It could easily be 2 rooms. I would love love love to add a bathroom up here and it easily could be done with the amount of space we have. We also have a large walk-in closet.
It doesn't look that wide but I can easily lay down with space on either side of me, granted I'm pretty short but it is a big closet!

To finish up, back downstairs and through the kitchen to the side door and icky stone basement. I hate this basement and would like to figure out a way to fix it, but there's a huge cistern taking up most of the room down there... what to do?
side door going into basement

from side door down to icky basement

And there you have it. Our house, in the middle of our street. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. so cute! Love it!! I wanted to do this, but then I didn't want to clean house. I'm so lazy!! ;)

  2. you really do need to take pics of your updates. most of your downstairs looks completely unrecognizable from where you started. plus, i like progress pics! :)