Monday, September 24, 2012

blogging break, etc

I unintentionally took a break from blogging last week. I didn't have anything to post about and I was lazy. :)

I still don't have anything to say today but need to get my presence back on the interwebs, yes? LOL.

Working a long week this week and then going to the Twins game on Sunday. Hope the weather is nice. The monster will stay with her grandparents on Saturday night. A nice little break for all of us.

We went to check out the apple place around our house. Not too exciting. I didn't have high hopes so I wasn't disappointed. We took home some really good cider, gone in a day, and an awesome caramel apple pecan pie, also gone in a day. Whoops. Monster slept the entire time we were there, so that's good. She needed the nap.

We had an impromptu date night on Friday. that was fun. Had dinner and rented a movie. Man, we're old. I had thoughts of going downtown for a few drinks and then thought about how much it would hurt the next day when monster was being all monstery... yeah. Needless to say, drinking did not happen much. I had a peach margarita with dinner. Very exciting.

Monster was sick/is sick with a cold and teething at the same time. Poor kid can't breathe. Feel bad for her.

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