Monday, August 27, 2012

groceries and meals/randomness

Grocery shopping is too expensive. There are only two of us really eating (monster still eats baby food) and we tend to spend $100 a week. Ridiculous. Recently I have been trying to figure out ways to cut back on our grocery expenses but it is really hard with a husband who eats like a teenager and wanting to use fresh foods. I could totally eat like I did in college (ramen, etc) and be super cheap, but that doesn't even taste good to me anymore. I went to ALDI this weekend for groceries and also had to go to CUB to get a few other things. I'm pretty sure I can't take husband to ALDI ever again because he hates it there, but there are good deals to be had. Ice cream (a weakness) for $2.49? Heck yeah, I'll take it. Frozen fruits for $1.99? Oh yes please! Plus their produce is pretty cheap too. Avocados for 49 cents... sign me up! Can you freeze avocados? Anyhoo, I decided I'd try to make it for 2 weeks with this weekend trip. Here's the menu for the next 2 weeks... however, there are a couple of days where we'll be out of town, have special meals (for birthdays), or go out to eat because of friends in town. Total spent $144.28.  There are a couple things I did not get (flax meal and potatoes) and will need to pick up plus we spent $12 on baby food. (side note -- monster needs to eat table food...) I am hoping to keep it under $150 for 2 weeks (minus eating out).

Menu for two weeks:

Sunday -- Turkey burgers and sweet potato fries
Monday -- Chicken taco salad bowls
Tuesday -- Chicken and veggies
Wednesday -- Vegan tomato soup and grilled cheese
Thursday -- Baked apple cinnamon oatmeal/brothers decide
Friday -- Carmel pecan rolls/Flan/birthday supper
Saturday -- Blueberry pancakes/State Fair
Sunday -- Family party/Friends get together
Monday -- Grill out burgers and sweet corn
Tuesday -- Black bean burgers
Wednesday -- Meat loaf muffins and mashed potatoes
Thursday -- Clean out fridge/leftovers
Friday -- Out of town
Saturday -- Out of town
Sunday -- Out of town


  1. i budget $150/week for food and there's no baby involved... i'm also willing to spend money on good bagels, organic stuffs, and cage-free eggs. plus, we eat out way more than we should. potbelly sandwiches have become a major food craving. :p

  2. sandwiches :)

    Does that $150 just count for groceries or eating out/ alcohol too?

  3. just groceries but i think some eating out gets wrapped up in there too. i try to budget eating out as part of the "extra money not being used for bills/food/utilities at the end of each pay period."