Monday, July 30, 2012

Slim Down Sundays -- Volume 10

Update from Last Week: I promise I'll get back to Sunday posting. It just seems like Sundays are my only day for really relaxing lately and the last thing I want to do is blog... sad. My goal for August is to regularly post 2-3 times a week. and Now, here's the goodies.
Weigh In: Saturday, July 28, at meeting, 175.6, down 0.8. Back on track(ish).

My Weekly Motivation:  Finding healthy recipes and energy for cooking.  

Exercise: Decided to run a 5K mud run with obstacles in September. With this in mind, training is slow going...  

Share the Wisdom of Others: Watch out for hidden fat/calories. the word salad does not always equal helathy... case in point, Snickers salad... ummm yummy. snickers and cool whip. I heard of a "healthier" way to make this that I am going to try. A WW recipe :-)
First Degree Goal: Pre-pregnancy weight of 172 pounds. It's like an oasis in a desert, I see it but it keeps slipping away!

Second Degree Goal: Find an activity that I enjoy in order to add in some exercise. I want to try Zumba one of these days. Anyone want to join me?
Ultimate Goal: 140 pounds/feel good in my skin/fit in single digit size clothing.

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