Monday, June 25, 2012

Sim Down Sundays -- Volume 5 (the I missed a week edition)

One of the bloggers that I stalk follow, Natalie, has started a Trim Down Thursdays challenge to motivate and document her weight loss success. I've decided to come out of hiding and link up with my journey, so here goes nothing!

Update from Last Week: Sorry for the hiatus. We were on vacation last week and I really lost the motivation to post, heck, I even lost the motivation to pay attention to what i was eating. Therefore...
Weigh In: Saturday, June 23, at meeting, 178.8 lbs, up 2.2. 

My Weekly Motivation: I've lost my motivation for the last couple of weeks, but this week, that 2.2 is definitely making me want to climb back on the wagon.
Exercise: Nothing new.

Share the Wisdom of Others: Support from others is huge in getting where you want to be in a healthy lifestyle. That's why doing it with a friend/going to meetings (for me) is super helpful.
First Degree Goal: Pre-pregnancy weight of 172 pounds. Getting closer!!!

Second Degree Goal: Find an activity that I enjoy in order to add in some exercise. Still working on this...

Ultimate Goal: 140 pounds/feel good in my skin/fit in single digit size clothing.

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  1. I totally hear you! Sometimes I need a small setback to give me back my drive. I hope you found your groove again this week! I'm rooting for you!!