Tuesday, April 10, 2012

just call me an organizing fool

I did this last week when Monster was sleeping...



I have been trying to figure out a cleaning schedule for myself/household. I know that if I just do it, the cleaning will get done and be done and then I can not worry about it but I'm a procrastinator of the worst kind. Both my hubs and I have said that if we just clean up and keep up on it, its not that difficult plus we both can relax better in a clean environment. So that means we'll enjoy our time in our home more and our time together more :) yay.

With that said, I've been trying to figure out a good schedule in order to get things done, keep it easy, and keep it taken care of. I've been researching... I found this gal and her ideas inspire me. i especially like the ideas of setting a timer to declutter and to clean hotspots every day. I also like this gal and her posts about homemade cleaners. Definitely lots of inspiration out there!

Here's what I have so far... I'm sure it will be tweaked and changed and switched around as soon as I start doing it.

Feed cat
Clean cat box
Unload/load/run dishwasher
Wash bottles
Clean up kitchen
Make beds
Tidy bedrooms
Pick up living room
Go through mail/shred
Prep/make dinner
Clean out bathroom sink
Pick up bathroom
Make lunches

Laundry (twice)
Dust/vacuum main floor
Meal plan
Grocery shop
Change sheets/blankets

Deep clean bathroom
Deep clean kitchen
Vacuum upstairs

Change cat box
Wash sliding door/windows
Change/wash bedding (comforters)

Plus any other things that need to be done. My thought is to make up a monthly calendar and put these weekly, biweekly, and monthly items on it and then have a daily list next to it to check off as I/we go. Sounds good right? Here's hoping!

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  1. you always did hate a dirty bathroom sink. :) let me know what your calendar ends up looking like. i could use a copy. vacuum daily would be the first item. too many animals, too much fur...