Tuesday, March 20, 2012


*totally meant to post this last week, my bad! here it is anyway

There is a push for efficiency in most workplaces. At the same time there is a push to be healthy as well. When walking back from lunch, I am torn between being efficient by going from break room to bathroom and then back to my desk or being healthy and going back to my desk to drop things off and then back to the bathroom, thereby taking extra steps and being healthier... Is there a way to be both efficient and healthful at work?

Little monster's baptism was on Saturday (march 17). It was a gorgeous day in MN, hot even. We walked over to church and she slept through most of the mass and almost all of the baptism ceremony. She didn't cry at all. She was just a little startled when Father John put all the water and oil on her head/hair. He really caked on that chrism oil... she still smells like it even now, 3 days later!

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