Friday, March 30, 2012

Bathroom organizing and making boxes

While the little monster was napping, I decided to organize my bathroom drawers, at least the ones that I use the most. The husband's side will just have to wait for another day. and yes, that really is her... she's tiny.
Here is what I started with...a disorganized jumble of stuff. (and some dirty laundry but pretend you didn't see that :) )

Don't you just love my bathroom counter top? Beautiful granite :) I'm going to work on the cabinet part this summer so it matches the standard. I painted that shortly after we moved in and it didn't hold up too well... but that's another story so back to today's organizational efforts.

I took a look through my recycling to figure out if I had any old boxes that would work and I also found 3 little trays at the Target dollar spot.. gotta love it. I found a couple of things I thought would work with some modification. A granola bar box and a Ziploc baggie box.

Here's what I did. I cut the back of the granola box and reinforced the sides with packing tape to make a shallow square box. I cut down the Ziploc box and used painters tape to close up the holes and reinforced with the remaining cardboard from the granola box, ending up with a total of 3 boxes, 2 rectangular and 1 square. Perfect. Some day I may even cover them with wrapping paper to make them pretty but for now i figure they'll work just fine.

I completely emptied out the drawers and divided into 4 groups; jewelry, hair stuff, makeup, and other. Why those 4 categories you ask? Well, that is what I knew I had mostly in the drawers. After going through the other pile and getting rid of some empties, moving some things that didn't belong, and paring down the contents I tackled my travel bags. I am a sucker for a cute travel bag. I have tons of them. However, I don't need them all and I certainly don't use them all.

I ended up keeping 4 from my stash, a red one that I bought when I lived in England, a green one that has all my makeup in it from Clinique, a pink one from Clinique, and a black and white pattern one that is large enough to carry as it's own bag.

I divided the contents of the drawers so they were easily accessible. Top drawer now holds the q-tips, my little perfume and lotion, face creams, and necklaces. That ring box back there is the one that my engagement ring came in. I keep it for sentiment and if I ever take off my ring I have somewhere to put it.

The second drawer is mostly hair stuff; brushes and combs, headbands, hair ties, sprays, gels, mousses. The other things are earrings/bracelets, makeup remover, a mirror compact, and some fake eyelashes (I think from Halloween).

The third drawer holds the bigger stuff; the hairdryer, curling iron, travel bags, makeup bag, and rice sock (used as a heating pad when I was preggers, worked well!).

And there you go, 3 beautifully organized drawers for my bathroom.

Sorry for the pictures, I'm still new to this whole blog thing/capturing my life on film/iPhone.

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  1. i thought that red bag looked familiar! :) looks good!