Thursday, October 23, 2014

stuff... things...

1. My fat clothes fit.  Sad face.  I need to step it up.

2.  I had to drive JT's car yesterday, it was weird.  And this  morning I had to put all my stuff back to where I like it in my car, the mirror, the radio, the seat, the fan controls. Oy.

3.  JT has an interview for a paid internship today.  Yay!!

4.  Monster got a wheelchair a week or two ago.  She's so tiny in it and it's so tiny itself... such a strange sight seeing her on the lift on the bus.  But she likes it, I think, so that's good.

5.  Work is busy, busy, busy.  Like so busy that I'm not stressed about how behind we are because there's nothing I can fix by being stressed.

6.  Caught up a little bit yesterday with my high school tennis partner.  We were super good friends but then somewhere in college just lost touch.  Hope to stay in better touch with her now.

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