Tuesday, September 9, 2014

first day of preschool

Yesterday was Monster's first day of preschool and she did AWESOME.  Not a single bit of crying or fussing or bewilderment.  She played with her para and made friends with the little boy who sat next to her at table time/snack time.  It was really great to see! 

We got her all ready to go in the morning and put her on the bus... It all happened so fast that I didn't have time to get upset about it. I didn't even think about it, just waved bye and then got Goo ready to go. 

After dropping Goo off at grandma's I did pass the preschool bus on the way to the school.  I got to her classroom and just settled in to wait over by the windows.  I don't know for sure if she knew I was there at first, but I think she saw me a couple of times.  I know for sure one time she started to come over to me but then got distracted by a new toy to play with. 

She was so great the whole morning, rode the bus like a boss, and I had nothing to worry about after all...

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