Saturday, June 7, 2014


Shoes!! Well, sandals actually. After finally busting through my last pair of old navy cheapies, I didn't have a single pair of easy to wear summer shoes... So I went shopping around the interwebs and here is I what I found.


I must be really into brown this year... And flat... Hmmm

What about you? Any new sandal purchasing this year?


  1. i love the 2nd pair! but the link is wrong. a part of me wants you to fix it and the other half says no, don't do that. if i don't know where they live on the internet, then i can't buy them. sooo cute though!

    and i love love love my tevas. definitely a good flip flop investment.

    1. I just won't tell you if I fix it or not ;-)

  2. i bought a pair of cheapies at walmart after my pedicure because i forgot to bring mine. i really need to go through my sandals and get rid of half of them!