Tuesday, February 18, 2014

meal plan for the week

Here's my meal plan this week:

Supper: Shepherd's pie, Pumpkin burgers, Tortellini meatball soup (crock pot), Burrito bowls, Tortilla pizzas, Mac and Cheese muffins.

Lunch: sandwiches, salads, leftovers
Breakfast: oatmeal, toast, eggs, cereal
Snacks: smoothies, yogurt, fruit, veggies

What about you? Do you do a meal plan or just go by whatever you have in the house? How do you decide what to make? How do you decide what to get at the store? I don't remember my mom ever making a meal plan or really a grocery list... she'd just go to the store and bring home some things and every night there would be supper ready to eat. It seems like i spend a lot of time on thinking about meals and groceries.

Kate -- I'm interested to hear from you because of your no devil's syrup and local food ideas...

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