Monday, April 1, 2013

our Easter weekend

Friday was so so nice outside. It actually felt like hope for spring. So we tried to take advantage of it by taking a walk after work. Monster was in the jogging strolling and JT and I walked. That stroller needs some help though. There is something wrong with the front wheel. I'm not sure exactly what. Maybe it's loose or something but it completely wobbles and won't stay locked. Hmm. Might need air in the tires as well.

Saturday we went out for lunch so JT could try a new brew from the brewery that was being tapped at a local pub. Of course the weather started to get crappy. Raining and windy but not too, too cold yet.

Easter was COLD. I was not dressed for winter, more like ready for spring and I was regretting it! But I did look cute. ha ha. Monster had a super cute outfit too, but the teething crazies struck and left her covered in drool. ugh. BTW does that ever stop? I feel like she's been drooling since she was born!

family picture.

monster in the basket


  1. how's the amber necklace working out?

    1. oh i can't really tell. I thought it was great at first but now i'm not really sure because her sleeping is off again... damn unpredictable sleeping!! :) though I'm sure its better than if we did not have it at all.