Tuesday, April 9, 2013

More about me!

just in case you were wondering...

What's for Breakfast?
On work days, I eat oatmeal with peanut butter and coffee or Diet Pepsi (sometimes both). On non-work days, usually eggs and toast. I just can't seem to convince myself to eat oatmeal at home, not sure why. Though if I had the capabilities, I would totally eat eggs at work. Go figure.

I love to read.
Give me a book, point me in the direction of a library or bookstore, leave me for an hour and you'll have a very happy girl.

I hate to exercise.
Enough said.

I'm Not trendy.
I am always late to jump on the bandwagon with trends. Case in point, hated ugg-type boots but now I've worn them almost every day for 3 years (in the winter). Skinny jeans... just couldn't bring myself to cram into them until this past fall, now I have 2 pairs. Maxi dresses... used to hate because I'm short and they're long, just bought one for Easter and I totally want to buy a couple more for the summer.

I'm easily grossed out.
I work in the medical field and you'd think that after all this time of being exposed to reports on gross bodily happenings, I would be used to it, right? Totally not. I just try to pretend the words I'm typing are different than what is being described. Also, pregnancy is creepy to me. Especially when I was pregnant and someone told me a story about their experience. UAGHs. gross. In the words of Hank Moody, "that's groddy Becca."

Inspired by the homes i have made...

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  1. why don't people understand that they should not be sharing birth stories to first time mamas? like we aren't freaked out enough...