Monday, April 29, 2013

Emotional much?

Geez. It seems like I'm a very emotional shell of myself lately. For example, something JT said on Thursday had me burst into tears and then on Saturday, I totally teared up watching the babies/kids at the race. Of course, anytime I'm thinking about monster and the future or the present, it makes me want to cry/scream/get pissed. Other than that, I'm abnormally crabby. It's spring time, the snow is gone, the sun is out, and I want to be happy! I hate hormones.

Makes me suspect I might be knocked up... oh, wouldn't that be an interesting turn of events? I don't know if I want to be happy or unhappy about it. Want another kiddo. Not sure if now is a good time. blagh! Total problems over here, right?

May 4

What's wrong with me? I think I'm knocked up, but I keep ignoring it, almost hoping it will go away... I know it won't but I think I'm irrational. I want this and still I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and like I'm not sure.

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