Monday, February 11, 2013

12 things...

I was recently rereading my old live journal and came across this 12 things list I did back in  2006. I thought it would be fun to do a new one... so here goes.

1. I prefer my monster's clothing to be folded in outfits. When there are extra tops or pants, it drives me a little nutty. Though for my own clothing, I don't think anything actually came as an outfit, just a mix and match plethora of clothes that don't really fit correctly. I need to be on what not to wear. but that's a whole other post.

2. I like to plan for things, waaaay, way in advance. Case in point, MIL 60th birthday in 2014, have already starting planning things to do and possible plane tickets/rental car costs.

3. I always wished I had a sister but I guess I'm pretty okay with not having one now... i guess.

4.At work it REALLY bugs me when a document ends up being on 2 pages and the heading is on the 1st page but the paragraph is on the 2nd. I know that it doesn't make a difference in the actual system, but while I'm typing it, It Drives Me NUTS.

5. I seriously have 20 or more different containers of dental floss. Plus, I rarely floss. Thinking about getting a sonicare flosser though I don't use the sonicare brush as much as I should. Sometimes it just seems faster to brush my teeth manually, even though it probably isn't done as well.

6. When people around me are on the phone, I almost always try to talk to them too. It drives my husband nuts because he's trying to have a conversation so he can't listen to me at the same time!

7. I've known my best friend for almost 30 years. She's like the (same age) big sister I never had.

8. I'm obsessed with subway word art recently. I've made a ton of them in the last week. I used this tutorial and then played around and around and around.

9. I have very ambitious ideas and to-do lists. However, I am not so good on the execution part.

10. I read many DIY, organizing, and home-related blogs. I do not do such things myself very well. I also read a few cooking, healthy living, and exercise blogs. I can do the cooking part, when I'm in the mood.

11. The more I read/learn about clean eating, paleo, vegetarian/vegan lifestyles, the more intrigued I am. However, I don't know if I'm willing/able to give up dairy, processed food, or meat.

12. I am fortunate enough to have a wonderful 1-year-old kiddo, but a lot of the times, I feel like the worst mom in the world. Mom-guilt much?

Anybody else want to join me in list-making?? I'd love it. Leave your link in the comments!

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  1. on #11: i am really intrigued by paleo, but i don't know if i could give up bread :( why can't doughnuts be a health food??